May. 26th, 2009

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I watched that Jon & Kate + 8 show last night (or most of it anyway) because I figured it MUST be good if it gets that much trashy press. Enh. Boring. Not enough trash for me. VH1 has ruined me re: reality shows. I need more hair pulling and fake boobs to stay interested. lol

Not to mention, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE people/celebrities who schmooze the public for every dime they can get them for and then complain about how they have no privacy and OMG PAPARAZZI, LIFE IZ HARD BEING RICH & FAMOUS, ETC.. *eye roll* OH THE IRONY of having the TLC cameras who are documenting your every move, put little arrows on the screen so the viewer can see exactly where the big bad paparazzi is hiding out to, ummm, document your every move. *snort*

Your bed, you made it, stop cashing the checks then. Get the fuck over yourself, Kate - you can't have it both ways. I'll take the fake bimbos on Rock of Love any day over that kind of whining. Seriously.

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