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In other news, I have a wee teeny tiny problem with my yarn stash.
Oh, not to do with it's size - I already *know* I have too much, hence it's not a 'problem'. It's only a problem if I'm in denial about it. *ahem*
No, the problem is....




MOTHS! Wool-eating moths. *skeered* So far, I haven't really wanted to deal with it so, up until last week, every day when a new little moth would just 'happen' to be flying around the living room, I would steadfastly ignore it, even though somewhere deep down inside my head, it was going DANGER! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yarn stash in the living room in an old video cabinet (VCR TAPES, REMEMBER THOSE???????????) and, well, I have yarn in multiple places but there is a goodly amount of the not-at-all-cheap 'good' stuff in that cabinet. And I thought I would die if I went poking around in there and found moths. So I finally fessed up to the hubby and just laid it out on the line: I am too weak to go hunting for the problem myself so could he possibly do it for me while I sat in the other room with my fingers in my ears going LALALA IGNORING YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU? So he did. And he thinks the cabinet stuff is fine. Though he double bagged it in a garbage bag for the time being so we can see if anything, uh, hatches. But still the moths were coming and he thinks he narrowed it down to one of the scrap ball bags I have in my knitting, uh, thingy by the couch. (It's a soft-sided container that holds my scrap balls, needle cases, etc.) He found a dead moth inside one of the 3-4 ziploc bags of leftover balls I have in there. So I threw that out - it's just leftover stuff anyway and hopefully that does it. I saw one moth last night though so maybe not. *sigh* I should probably bag up the stuff in the bedroom too because that stuff is just out on shelves and stuff, not even in a cabinet. I'm not at all emotionally ready to deal with a moth infestation eating my yarn up, people! That shit could BREAK ME, I'm telling ya RIGHT NOW. lol

I really have no idea how it started. The windows all have screens so how did one sneak in and start laying eggs? BUGGERS!@!!!!!!!! So, for all the yarnies out there, bag up your yarn more carefully than I because those moths are devious and they get in somehow and cause troubles. I'm going to look for a somewhat stylish wicker hamper/basket thingy in the meantime and maybe I can use that to store all my yarn. Like those tallish ones with a removable top? I think I've seen them at Target. It wouldn't look out of place on the side of the armchair in the bedroom and I can put some cedar stuff in there and that should take care of any future problems. Hopefully!
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